VIGORPOOL 400W Solar Panel with SunPower Cells

$769.00 $1,099.00


Looking for a solar panel that can really pack a punch? Then check out the VIGORPOOL 400W! This powerful panel is one of the first of its kind to offer both high output power and conversion rate, making it perfect for camping or travel. Plus, its lightweight design and easy storage make it a must-have for any adventure. So don’t be caught without power, grab a VIGORPOOL 400W solar panel and let it become your powerful friend.

High Conversion Efficiency 23%: VIGORPOOL 400W SOLAR maintains the high conversion rate of sunlight transparency through its hardcore technology. It¡¯s easier to recharge the Captain 1200 in 5.5hrs from 0% to full.

Stable&Self-Support: Come with 4 kickstands on the back to support the panel socking sunlight at any angle. The sturdy kickstands and panel board guarantee the stability of solar penal working in any terrain and stay put in the windy or shaking environments.

Durable&Splash-proof: With an IP65 rating, this panel case is built to last and protect your panel from water splashing. Whether you're using it beside a lake or moisture environment, you can rest assured that your panel will be protected. Made from ETFE-laminated material, this solar panel case is tough and made to withstand the elements.

Compatible with Captain 1200W: VIGORPOOL 400W solar panel is ideal for Captain 1200W, it can charge from 0% to 100% within 5.5hrs.

What to Expect: 1*400W solar panel, 1*3 meters (9.8 Foot) 30A Anderson Cable, 1* user manual.

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On-the-go Portability

The TPE rubber handle makes this suitcase easy to carry around, and the lightweight 30.8lb design means that you won't have any problems taking off-grid adventures. The outside storage bag will protect your cables from getting damaged or caught in something while traveling with it!

Vigorpool's 400W solar panel

Build with wider up-quality and high-photoelectric conversion rate monocrystalline silicon core light-receiving area, which significantly accelerate the efficiency of solar generator re-charging.

Instant Set-up

The Vigorpool 400W solar panel is perfect for those who want to start generating their own power. With 4 kickstands that can be placed firmly on any surface ground, and easily adjust the angle towards sunlight - you'll have quick success collecting energy from our sun with just a few seconds of setup!