How to use Captain 1200 as a UPS?

When camping, you should bring a solar portable power station to have a better experience. You don’t need to worry about running out of power and enjoy playing games, barbecuing, and watching movies with your friends.

When you have a power outage at home, an emergency home battery backup can let you face the unexpected situation without fear. It can give you and your families a full sense of security, making your home a strong and reliable harbor.

If you want the best of both worlds, then Vigorpool Captain 1200 will be the best choice for you. It integrates the functions of a portable generator for camping and a generator for home use, catering to your diversified needs in camping or household.

Here is the detailed introduction of Vigorpool Captain 1200.

The world's fastest-switching UPS energy storage power supply

Its main product positioning orientates outdoor travel and home emergency energy storage power source. This product positioning reflects the company’s philosophy, ‘Vigorpool near me,’ which means to provide customers with a better and more convenient life.

When you are carrying out outdoor activities, its portable design allows you to easily travel with it. You can also bring vigorpool solar panels to charge for it providing you with endless power and energetic life. When conventional energy for home use is insufficient, it can satisfy the emergency needs of household appliances, including refrigerators, computer mainframes, and medical supplies. This can ensure a stable and steady energy supply for you and your families.

The biggest highlight of this product is its UPS function. By connecting the grid and the AC input port of Vigorpool Captain 1200 through the AC charging cable, appliances can work by using the AC output port of this product. At that time, the AC power comes from the grid, not the battery. When the power goes out, this product can automatically switch to Battery Power mode within 10ms.

So why does Vigorpool attach great importance to this function? The reason is to extend the years of usage of expensive appliances or unstoppable online working machines. On the one hand, global warming and unpredictable climate changes pose many obstacles to the sustainable supply of power and energy; on the other hand, with the development of the economy and technologies, people’s reliance on electric appliances is soaring in daily life. Vigorpool considers the fast switching UPS function indispensable, which can maintain the normal operations of electrical appliances and reduce the damage to the equipment. Moreover, it fits with the Vigorpool’s brand mission of building a more sustainable and environment-friendly human civilization.

How to turn on/ turn off UPS mode?

If you want to turn on the UPS mode, firstly, you probably need to turn on the "ON/OFF" button on the front of Captain 1200. After that, you could plug in the AC wall charger to the Captain 1200 and then turn on the " AC ON/OFF" button, and the UPS logo will be displayed on the screen, indicating that the UPS function is activated. Lastly, if you want to turn off the UPS function, you are able to click the "AC ON/OFF" button.
Here are the major steps to turn on or turn off the UPS mode and hope to be useful for you.

How to make sure the UPS on or off?

You may want to know how to distinguish whether you turn on or turn off the UPS mode, and here are some ways to figure out this problem. The first method is to check it through the UPS icon. When the UPS icon is displayed, it means UPS mode is on. The second way is to monitor it by phone after you connect the device to your phone. There will be small power consumption when opening the UPS mode, mainly the LCD screen, buttons, fans, and components standby power consumption.

Can Vigorpool 1200 drive the equipment within 1200W in the UPS mode?

The voltage range of the power supply is 100-120V, so it is recommended to use appliances with a voltage within this range. But when you are using it, you may find that it can’t operate an appliance with voltage and output power in the range in use. That’s because although the normal operating power of the machine is within 1200W, the instantaneous start-up power of some machines may exceed several times the normal operating power which is more than Vigorpool 1200’s ascending power of 2400W. In this condition, the power supply will stop working to protect itself from damage.

If the power output is stable when the appliances are working, you are suggested to firstly plug Captain Vigorpool in AC grid charging from the utility supply and then press the AC button to discharge electricity. When the UPS icon is displayed, you can plug in the power-using device and operate it. If the appliances can run normally, you are able to unplug Captain 1200 from the AC utility supply, after which the vigorpool charger will switch back to power the appliances using storage power automatically.

Why choose Captain 1200 with the best UPS feature?

As mentioned before, the UPS function can provide a strong guarantee for electric appliance use, which makes your daily life more efficient and convenient. Therefore, there are plenty of benefits when you choose a solar battery and generator with the best UPS feature. What’s more, Vigorpool possesses a professional team launching on the R&D project about the UPS function. They are willing to face the challenges, push the envelope, and hope to enhance UPS’s functionality and convenience further.


The Vigorpool Captain 1200 is the best and newest device of the company. The biggest advantage is the UPS function which can make sure the stability and security of electric appliances. Imagine this, when you go camping with your friends or just spend time at home with your family, you can have a good time with the people you cherish and never need to worry about the shortage of energy. So this product is a good choice for you. If you want to learn more detailed information about this product, you are able to subscribe to the Vigorpool website.