Vigorpool warrants to the original buyer who purchased on for all defects in workmanship and material under normal consumer use during the applicable warranty period, which starts from the date of purchase.

Vigorpool’s limited warranty is restricted to the country of purchase. The limited warranty is void on items taken outside the country they were originally bought in or shipped to directly from an authorized online purchase.


Warranty Period:

The warranty period for Vigorpool Power Products is 2 years. Please note the purchase period starts from the purchase date by the original buyer. To define the start date, a sales receipt or other reasonable proof of the first consumer's purchase is required. 



Warranty is void in the following cases:

  1. Misuse, abuse, improper modification, or installation of the product.
  2. Substitution or addition, handling, natural elements (weather), the impact of solid objects, or intentional damage.
  3. Products not purchased from official sources (
  4. Purchases without valid proof of purchase.
  5. Products that have been lost or stolen.
  6. Free products.

Customer Support :


How to claim your warranty?

Step 1: Claim your warranty on Claim Warranty, fill in the forms with information of relevant order, a detailed description and video of the defect/loss of performance.

*Our support team will get in touch with you within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

Step 2. The troubleshooting of your item will be complete within 5 business days. Once the defective is confirmed, Vigorpool will provide you with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and the warehouse address for you to return the item. RMA numbers should be clearly displayed on the return shipping label of any outer package being returned to Vigorpool. Do not write the RMA number on the actual box. Packages without a RMA number on the return shipping label may not be accepted by our warehouse.

Step 3. Vigorpool will replace the defective item within 15 business days after confirming the item is arriving the warehouse. The final solution depends on the availability of the replacement item.