Unmatched Speed: Charge Your World with VigorPool Captain 1200 - 0% to 80% in 60 Minutes
Quick Power Up: VigorPool Captain 1200 Charges to 80% in Just 60 Minutes
Pair Up for Power: Two 1200W Energy Storage Solutions with Discounts – VigorPool Captain 1200 Portable Power Station
Trusted Safety: Captain 1200 Portable Power Station - Powered by LiFePo4 Solar Battery
Fire-Resistant Excellence: Captain 1200 Portable Power Station with PC+ABS 94V Rating
Uninterrupted Power Flow: Captain 1200 Portable Power Station - UPS Function with <10ms Switch Time
Swift Power Boost: VigorPool Captain 1200 - Elevate to 80% Charge in Just 60 Minutes
Cutting-Edge Convenience: Introducing Captain 1200 with Wireless Charging
Captain 1200: Charging Evolution with Wireless Convenience

VigorPool Captain 1200 Portable Power Station


CAPTAIN is the leading solution for all your power requirements – at home or even in the great outdoors.

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• Charge from 0%-80% within 1 hour

• 7 x Faster AC charging & 1280Wh capacity

• 10ms UPS harmless to your devices

• Power 12 devices simultaneously

• Remote control from anywhere

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Charles W.
Good Camping Companion

This power station, the CAPTAIN 1200, is impressively quick to charge. It can go from 0% to 80% charged in just one hour using either AC or solar charging methods. This is quite a fast charging time for a power station, which makes it a great option for those who need power quickly or are on-the-go.

John G.
Portable Power Station. UPS at a good price

This is truly a UPS, It's a backup power supply that switches on quickly when the AC power goes out. While my use case isn't as critical, since I use solar power, it works well and runs consistently.

JovGo l.

VigorPool Captain 1200 for Car Charger

Great units

Very impressed with these units. They work how they should.

My only gripe would be the parallel algorithm means that one unit will always drain faster than another if one of your units comes with higher voltage from factory. Apart from this it’s great, but can mean some wasted power when using in parallel with large loads as one unit will run out of battery faster than the other. Vigorpool don’t seem interested in fixing this and I do have longevity concerns when using as a solar generator as one will always be charging and discharging more causing higher wear.

Functionality is all perfect otherwise. 86% efficiency on ac loads of you can get symmetrical drain, otherwise around 80%.

Andrei G.
Nice product!

Hello. I've been using this power station as UPS for a week and I should say it's really nice product. However, there are a couple of suggestions for the manufacturer to include in the next firmware updates:
1. Please consider the possibility to change the way the ventilators work, as current pattern is a bit noisy and annoying. They switch on every 10 minutes, no matter the load is, and spin for 5 minutes. I also have Ecoflow Delta 2 of 1024 Wh and it's mostly quiet if the loads do not exceed 200 W. I think, the current ventilator operation pattern can be justified under loads starting from at least 200 W. If it was possible to implement the ventilator management in your app, that would be really helpful.
2. Please implement the function to turn off the wireless charging once and permanently rather than switching if off every time in the app.
3. Please implement the possibility to choose whether Wi-Fi is enabled by default when the unit starts instead of switching it on every time manually.
4. Please add more options for charging speed, a slider would be the best option.
Thank you for your product, guys, and all the best in future updates.


Portable power stations of the VIGORPOOL CAPTAIN series would be the ideal choice while power offline. CAPTAIN 1200 could power almost all of your devices no matter in your home or on the road at an affordable price.

World's First Parallel Output Capability

Connect two CAPTAIN 1200 portable solar generators to double your power and capacity, with a maximum output power of 2400W and a battery capacity of 2560Wh. Ideal for flexible home use and off-grid living.

Quick Ready to Go in One Hour

0% to 80% in Whopping 1 Hour under both AC and Solar Charging methods. CAPTAIN 1200 will never hold back.

Multiple Charging Methods

With no need on bulky adaptors or power bricks, CAPTAIN provides FIVE main self-charging methods that allow you to keep it powered up and always ready for the next outage.

10ms UPS Protect Your Device

CAPTAIN 1200 offers the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function, which enables CAPTAIN to automatically take over and switch devices to the battery-powered mode in as little as 10ms when there is a power outage!

3500+ Cycles: More Than 10 Years Life Span

The cycle number of CAPTAIN's LiFePo4 solar battery is over 3500 times, which will left 80% after 3000+ cycles. It's the best investment you can make over time than other lithium batteries.

Output More at Once

Charge or power up to 12 devices at once. TWO USB-A (18W), TWO USB-C (100W), FOUR AC outlets, TWO DC output, ONE car port & ONE Wireless Charging. Captain 1200 can power 99% of your devices, meet most of your electricity needs while off-grid.

Smart Monitoring & Control System

The CAPTAIN 1200 has built-in GPS & IoT hardware, which means you can monitor & control your CAPTAIN 1200 anywhere, anytime. Remote control for added convenience and confidence in use.

Tech Specs

Model: VP21 (CAPTAIN 1200)Charging Temperature: 32-104F (0-40℃)
Capacity: 25.6V 50Ah 1280WhDischarge Temperature: 14-104F (-10-40℃)
Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4Certification: FCC,UL,CE,UKCA,PSE,MIC,RoHS
Lifecycle: 3500 cycles to 80%+capacityManagement System: Overcharge Protection,Over Discharge Protection, Overload Protection,Short Circuit Protection,Over Current Protection, High Temperature Protection,Low Temperature Protection 
Weight: About 33.07lbs(About 15Kg)Optional Accessory: 400W Solar Panel,200W Solar Panel,100W Solar Panel
Dimensions: 15.98x9.4x11.57 in(40.6x23.9x29.4 cm)Shelf-life: Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months

Output & Input

AC Output(x4): 120V~60Hz 10A,Total 1200W(Surge 2400W)Car Port: 12V-10A,120W Max (2xDC5521 Output+Car Power Output:Total 120W)
USB-A Output(x2): 5V-3A,9V-2A,12V-1.5A,18W Max per port,Total 36WAC Parallel Inter face(Being Connected): 120V~60Hz,1200W
USB-C Output(x2): 5V/9V/12V/15V-3A,20V-5A 100W Max per port,Total 200W AC Input: 120V-60Hz 10.5A
DC5521 Output(x2): 12V-3A 36W Max per port,Total 72WAnderson Input: 12-56V-12A Max,400W Max
Wireless Output: 10W Max


What is the compatibility of the power station with other solar panel brands? 

Vigorpool power station is compatible with other solar panel brands which is 12-56V and with Anderson output, but it is recommend to use the Vigorpool solar panel for safety and efficiency. And the Vigorpool solar panel can support other brands' power station as well.

Can I charge both of these units at the same time with solar panels ( 400 watts each) while these units are connected together? for a total of 800 watts charging ?

Yes, you can charge both of units at the same time with two 400W solar panels while these units are connected together. The input will still be 400watt for each unit.

What if plug A to wall outlet and plug B to A to charge. Would that work? 

Currently, the AC charging mode only supports stand-alone charging.

Can I use 500W pannel on Captain 1200?

Our solar charging voltage range is 12-56V. If the working voltage of the 500W solar panel is within this voltage range, it can be used. If the working voltage exceeds this range, the product will be charged with overvoltage protection.

Can Captain 1200 be used in parallel to double up the voltage to 220?

After paralleling, only the output current, power and capacity are doubled, and the output voltage remains unchanged.

Does the Captain 1200 power to whatever is plugged in still get conditioned by an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to clean up hi/lo voltage and dirty a/c power?

Our products are offline UPS, there is currently no AVR device to automatically adjust the output voltage, but our energy storage device has a built-in fast switching device ATS within 10ms, which can protect your load from any abnormal power grid and continue to supply power.

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