The Ultra Durable VIGORPOOL Captain 1280Wh | 1200W

New Generation Solar Generator

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LiFePO ₄ Batteries (LFP)

VIGORPOOL Captain is powered by premium LFP (LiFePO ₄ ) Battery, maintains 80% healthy state after 3500 complete charge cycles. 7x service lifetime compare to industry's average of 500 cycles.


Betterry Cycles

Powered with durable and safer Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, VigorPool Captain maintains a healthy state (80% capacity) after 3500+ complete battery cycles. It lasts up to 9 years even being recharged once per day.

The world's first 

Parallel Function

The redesigned parallel function lets you connect two Captain 1200 portable solar generators to double your power and capacity. This provides you with a maximum output power of 2400W and a battery capacity of 2560Wh. Ideal for flexible home use and off-grid living.


Room Heater

Washing Machine

Bench Grinder

Advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 

Allows connected devices to keep running when incoming power is interrupted. Switchover time <10ms

Endless Power With Solar Panel

Up to 400W solar fast charging. Use the cleanest energy and enjoy a greener ride.

Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously