VIGORPOOL 200W Solar Panel with SunPower Cells

$419.00 $599.00


The Vigorpool 200W solar panel is the perfect solution for those who want to be energy independent and go green. This off-grid solar generator is highly efficient and can charge your portable power station faster than other similar products on the market. With its durable quality and superior portability, the Vigorpool 200W solar panel is the ideal choice for those who want to take their power supply with them go for camping, boating, or RVing.

Faster Charging: It only takes 5.5hrs to re-charging Vigorpool Captain 1200 by two 200W solar panel. Significantly reduce the solar generation time and release more happy hour outdoors.

Instant Setup: This versatile and reliable panel is perfect for any outdoor activity with its 4 kickstands and easily adjustable angle. With just a few seconds of set-up time, you'll be able to ensure optimum absorption of sunlight, keeping your devices charged and ready to use.

Easy Carry&Storage: Come with magnetic pads that allow the solar panel to be folded up tightly, making it easy to transport on your next road trip. The storage bag on the back ensures that all your cables and accessories are conveniently stored in one place. And when you're ready to hit the road, the rubble handle makes it comfortable to grab and go.

Durable&Splash-proof: The ETFE-laminated solar panel case protects against water splashing, making it perfect for wild unexpectable weather. With its IP65 water resistant, this product is built to last.

What to expect: 1*200W solar panel, 1*3 meters (9.8 Foot) 4-in1 Connection Cable (Connector: DC5521, DC7909, 30A Anderson, XT60), 1* user manual.

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This easy-to-carry, foldable, and quick-to-set-up 200W solar panel is perfect for any trip. With its amazing 23% conversion rate charging capabilities, freely travel as far and as long as you wish.


A reliable source of power generator compatible with The Captain 1200, performs fast charge within 5.5hrs by 2*200W solar panel. Build your own renewable and sustainable power generation system, no more worry about power outages. 

Waterproof & Durable

This panel is designed with an IP68 certification, meaning we put it through a rigorous test in order to be sure. It can withstand anything you throw at them and will always look good doing so.