VigorPool Solar Generator Captain 1200 + 200W Solar Panel

$1,443.00 $1,698.00


The VigorPool CAPTAIN 1200 power station is the perfect portable backup generator for when you need to stay powered at all times.

  • Double power doublecapacity with parallel function
  • LiFePO4 battery remains 80% capacity after 3500 cycles of charging
  • Fast charging to 80% in 1 hour
  • UPS function can quickly restore power within 10 milliseconds
  • 12 output ports can be charged at once

The VigorPool solar panel is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

  • High conversion efficiency up to 23%
  • Easy Carry&Storage
  • Durable&Splash-proof
  • Foldable & Kickstand Design
  • IP65waterproof rating and durable ETFE film

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VigorPool Always Power With You

When there is sunshine, there is electricity, and with solar panels, it can be charged flexibly, extending battery life.

VigorPool 1200 Parallel Function
With the parallel function, you can connect two units to double your power up to 2400W and capacity up to 2560WH. This allows for longer working times as well as enables higher-powered equipment! 

Reliable Emergency power
The UPS function can quickly restore power within ten milliseconds. Protects your equipment against sudden power outages and blackouts.

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Quick charge
This incredible device can be charged via five methods, making it perfect for any situation. And with a powerful 80% charge in just one hour through the wall outlet and two 200W PD USB-C ports, you'll never be left without power. 

Higher Conversion Rate
The monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide higher conversion efficiency up to 23%, and the ETFE lamination gives it better light transmittance, so you get more power out of it. 

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How to create the Solar Generator?

Step 1: Connect 2*200W solar panels with VigorPool solar MC4 to Anderson series connection cable

Step 2: Connect the solar to Anderson series connection cable with the Captain 1200's DC input.

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